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              Zaina Rose
Reiki Healer & Tarot Reader


By appointment only: email 
IG: @reikii_love

Zaina (she/her) is a queer, visual & healing artist from San Francisco who is studying to be an Art Therapist and Marriage & Family Therapist. Find a safe and nurturing space that provides peace, clarity, and hope ~ get inspired to live your authentic life with direction and support from someone who understands ♡




$45 for 30-minute distant reiki

$85 for 60-minute in-person reiki or 60-minute distant reiki 

$100 for 75-minute in-person reiki & tarot +oracle reading 

$45 for 30-minute tarot + oracle reading (video)


Additional Service 

$100 an hour for events & parties 


$85 for three 30-minute distant reiki (save $20)

$110 for three 30-minute tarot + oracle video readings (save $25)

$210 for three 60-minute distant or in-person reiki (save $45)

$250 for three 75- minute in-person reiki & tarot + oracle reading (save $50)

* expires 6-months after date of purchase*

15 minute complimentary phone call:

Deposit + 24 hour Cancellation Fee


Venmo: @Zaina-Berger


Cashapp: $ZainaBerger


Reiki is an ancient Japanese form of energy healing that is pure love! The experience of Reiki is glowing, radiant, and absolutely healing in nature. A warm, gentle, and very soothing energy moves from the hands of the Reiki Healer onto the client. This promotes relaxation, overall well-being, and de-stresses the body. Tarot is a divination tool of pulling cards to help shine light within our psyche and the cards provide messages from the Divine to help bring clarity in our lives. 

" Zaina is an absolute delight and an incredible reiki practitioner. I truly appreciate the care, love, and time she puts into her session, and they leave me feeling entirely reinvigorated. I have recommended her to many - absolutely top notch!" - Caroline Fogel (Moraga, CA, April 2020)


" Zaina is amazing! I have chronic back pain from mild scoliosis and when Zaina did a reiki session on me, I had major relief from my back pain. My back felt warm afterwards like I just got a massage but she didn't touch me, I had a distance reiki session in another state from her. Completely recommend to anyone! " - Paloma Ress (New Mexico, May 2020)

slurpingreiki copy.jpg

" Zaina Rose & I have been doing exchanges before the shelter-in-place, probably for about 6 months.She has an intuitive touch that zero's into areas that seem to need healing with a sensitive touch of warmth. I always have a very good experience with lasting results.
Thank you Zaina!"- Kathryn Ricci ( San Francisco, CA, April 2020) 

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