Zaina (she/her) is a visual and healing artist/ healer/ bruja from San Francisco who has trained in First, Second, and Advanced Reiki Techniques from the William Rand lineage of Reiki. She has been learning and practicing reiki and tarot + oracle since 2018. She taught herself tarot by playing with different decks, reading, and practicing with other intuitive people. 


Zaina is queer, Filipino/Jewish/Turkish, heart-centered empath, and a proud born + raised San Franciscan who comes from a lineage of healing artists. She grew up learning the ways of the naturals through acts of art, movement, crystals, cards, and members of her family have clairvoyant abilities, including herself. She also shoots film photography, paints, and follows the moon cycles with ritual. Zaina has a dual BA in Art and Psychology (2016) from The University of California, Santa Cruz. She is studying to be an Art Therapist and Marriage and Family Therapist at Dominican University in San Rafael, CA. She currently resides in Oakland, CA with her dachshund, Frida. 

Pain Changes Perspective

Zaina finished a year of Graduate School studying to be an Art Therapist and Marriage and Family Therapist, but life had a different plan for her; she left her program after one year in 2017 due to invisible persistent chronic pain, and returning to finish her degree in 2021. Her pain forced her to focus on her inner world, which opened a door to healing and alchemy. On her healing journey, she serendipitously found reiki and tarot+ oracle through her creative seeking soul. She spent a year in Santa Fe, New Mexico from 2020-2021 to deepen her intuitive gifts and to do intense shadow work.

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