3 Steps to Open Your Creative Channel 

  • Increase your creativity and intuition 

  • Ease and manage chronic pain 

  • Increase clarity and decision making in your life 

"Zaina is a compassionate and intuitive healer. I've had the pleasure of receiving distant reiki and tarot sessions from her, her reiki sessions always leave me feeling rejuvenated and her tarot sessions provide so much inspiration and guidance. I highly recommend!" -Frankie Almeida (Richmond CA, June 2020) 


Zaina Rose is a queer, proud San Franciscan, artist, & chronic pain warrior. She uses her clairvoyant and intuitive gift to guide others on their healing journey to better overall health and well-being. 

Coming from a lineage of mixed-race visual and healing artists, she grew up embracing natural ways of healing through her Filipino, Turkish, and Jewish traditions. She is studying to be an Art Therapist and MFT. 

She uses her gentle and sensitive presence to help people get to deeper roots of long-term issues, gain more confidence in their body wisdom + creativity, and gain more clarity on their unique life path with reiki and tarot.