6 of Swords

I feel between two worlds and everything is up in smoke right now. For the most part, I've lived in the Bay Area for my entire life, and I am about to start a new chapter in Santa Fe, New Mexico in the midst of global chaos. Lightening last week brought forth fires in the North Bay and a fire outside of Santa Fe also broke out closing the national forests. It feels like an insane time to move, but 2020 is apocalyptic and ceases to surprise humanity. I find myself pulling the 6 of Swords in my Melonated Rider Waite tarot deck, and this speaks to my movement from darker rocky waters to clearer, lighter waters as I make this transition. Swords relates to mental activity (our thoughts, communication, ideas, etc). This card depicts me carrying my thoughts on my journey, but not being weighed down by them, rather an extension of myself and learning how to deal with the baggage we carry as humans. I see this card as a gate and a silent welcome to new lands. A woman is mourning on her journey just as I will mourn the end of living in the Bay Area and the saying goodbye, for now. We are all being affected by collective grief as my mourning is not only for me, but also the world. This card is also deeply spiritual, as my move to Santa Fe will be for me. As an artist, healing artist, and someone who lives with persistent chronic pain, moving to a more peaceful and natural environment has been calling my name for years. I want to connect to the land and feel the magic that New Mexico has to offer effortlessly. I will be starting my Masters Program at Southwestern College in Art Therapy + Counseling next month located in Santa Fe, but online due to Covid restrictions. I feel that this is also an invitation to dive deeper into my own healing journey and will deepen my knowledge and abilities as a healer. Although things are up in flames all around me, I feel blessed af to have this 6 of Swords energy reminding me that this too shall pass and clear waters will be ahead with time.

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