Dark Scorpio New Moon 2020

The Scorpio Dark New Moon invites us to dive deep into our internal world, and embrace our dark indulgence in a healthy manner! Scorpio is my rising sign, and I resonate deeply with this energy and fiery water sign. This new moon comes after our 2020 election, and is one of the last moons of 2020 before we enter a new cycle in 2012. Scorpio energy is all about death, rebirth, repeat: it reminds us that everything in life is cyclical. I feel like I have been going through a death and rebirth every week since I have been in Santa Fe the last two-months. My biggest change I have asked for and manifested in the last few weeks is adopting a dachshund puppy! I will have Frida next month, and will start a new chapter as a dog mama. We must have ritualistic deaths to end an old chapter, and commence a new one. I invite you to call in the goddesses Lilith or Kali at this time who embody radical change, independence, transformation, and the divine feminine. I created this 12-Minute Scorpio New Moon Video for you to enjoy:

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