Full Moon in Cancer 2020

This Full Moon in Cancer closes us out of 2020 & opens us up to 2021 in just a few days! The Full Moon in Cancer is a wonderful time to have an emotional release and spend some alone time to tune into what your body is speaking to you. Cancer is my sun sign and I am born on a full moon, so this moon is very special to me. Cancer is ruled by the moon and is super tender, maternal, and intuitive. Do not let this moon fool you though, be ready for an emotional rollercoaster of a day, and ending of one Tower Card year. The crab is moody, and you may be in your feels on this day: do not worry! Allow! Allow the turmoil of 2020 to come out, and cry if you need to. It is time to surrender to the watery flow of the ocean ~

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Please watch my Cancer in Full Moon 2020 Tarot + Oracle Reading:

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