New Super Moon in Libra

I have been in Santa Fe, New Mexico for a month now, and wow, it's been a wild wild ride! I am in the transition of moving for the third time, and recently recovered from Covid-19. I was in self isolation for ten days, and had a lot of time to self reflect and get some deep rest. It was super scary being in a new place without solid connections and comfort. When I got the phone call, it felt surreal and all the feelings of shame, doubt, and guilt came up for me in that moment. I wanted to pretend like it wasn't happening, but it confirmed all the ways I had been feeling the last week. I did not know anyone who had Covid-19, and realized through my own experience with it how much stigma is around it because everyone is so afraid of getting it. So many people shared their stories with Covid-19 with me once they found out I tested positive, and it made me feel less alone. Throughout the experience, I felt protected by the land and my ancestors. All of my fears did not come true, and I was reminded how resilient of a person I am. I have overcome another hardship, and I know this will make me a stronger and more understanding person. I started off Virgo season with moving to Santa Fe, and Libra season definitely kicked my ass with trials and tribulations that I could of not predicted. I do feel a lot of gratitude for my friends and family who were with me from a distance. Although I was alone, I did not feel totally alone in spirit. I am happy Libra season is coming to a close, and Scorpio season (arguably my favorite sign) is approaching us, and a new leaf has turned. I did record a mini-reading (below) for the new moon in libra October 16, 2020 in nature with a few of my decks. I hope you enjoy! xx

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