Saggitarius New Moon 2020

Happy New Moon in Sagittarius on December 14! It’s our last new moon in 2020, and I think we can all agree, we are done with this Tower card year. This new moon brings forth a lot of fun, fiery, and expansive energy. I invite you to reflect on your last intentions for 2020, and how you want to end this year. We end 2020 with a full moon in Cancer on December 30—which is my sign, so I am very excited for that beautiful moon!

I recently included a new furry member into my family, Frida, a 8-week old dachshund puppy! She's originally from La Sal, Utah & she is absolutely adorable, sweet, loving, and playful. I am excited to spend the holidays with her and start 2021 with her. She is a baby Libra, and she is featured in my new moon tarot reading video!

I am having a New Moon in Sag Special from today, 12/11 until 12/14:

Two 20-30 minute Tarot Reading for $75!!! (normally $60 for one reading)

Please reach out at to schedule an appointment!


Zaina + Frida

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