Taurus Full Moon on Halloween

The Full Moon in Taurus comes to us on Halloween during Scorpio Season and welcomes November. This moon brings us darkness, surprises, honesty, and is a rare blue moon. Blue moons occur only every two to three years, so this is a very special moon. This is a wonderful time to find balance in your personal power, and watch the manifestation of the seeds you planted during the last Libra new moon. The full moon occurs when the sun and the moon are directly opposite one another and the moon is completely full, and at its brightest in the sky. The polarity of Taurus (moon) is Scorpio (sun), so it is important to find a healthy balance between the pleasure and beauty of Taurus and the transformation and complexity of Scorpio ~ these two signs are two of my favorite signs and prominent in my chart. My Venus in Taurus loves pleasure and creating beauty, which I let run wild this past week with decorating my new room in Santa Fe. Taurus folks love the nicer things in life including good food, soft things, art, clothes, and appreciate the nature all around them. I invite you to indulge in this full moon on Halloween, and remember the veil runs thin at this time, so protect your energy! Here is a 10-minute video for this special moon!

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