What should you expect during an in-person reiki session, distant reiki session, and a distant tarot + oracle session? 

Here is what you can expect during an in-person healing reiki session:  

1. I will ask about what is going on in your mind, body, and spirit. How are you showing up today?

*It is good for you to think of an intention for your session* I will ask and hold  your intention throughout the session in my mind. Music will be playing in the background. 


2. You will start by getting on the reiki table laying on your stomach for the first half (30 minutes) under a blanket. I will ask you to close your eyes and be present in the room. I will start off by scanning your body and place reiki symbols over your body. I will then gently lay my hands on your body: head to toe. 

3. I will ask you to turn over once your back of your body is complete, and repeat step #2 on your front side (30 minutes). I will cut ties of our energies at the end of session.

4. I will get you a glass of water and ask you to sit up slowly and we can reflect on your reiki experience! 

Here is what you can expect during a distant healing reiki session: 

1. We set up a time for 30-60 mins for us to share space (distantly) 


2. Prior to the session, you will give me an intention and send me a photo of yourself. I can send you a 30-minute reiki playlist.  


3. During the session, you should lay down and meditate in a quiet area. I will be sending you reiki with your intention and your face in my mind. I usually choose a crystal that goes with your intention as I send the reiki. Sometimes, I pull a tarot card too, if I feel called. 

4. I will check in with you afterwards and we can chat about the experience! 

Here is what you can expect during a tarot + oracle reading: 

1. Send me a question 

2. A few days after you send me your question, I will send you a 20-25 minute video that you will have access to watch whenever you feel like it! 

3. You are free to message me about your thoughts and experience watching the video