What people are saying! 

"I had never tried Reiki before seeing Zaina and she was great! She began by explaining the benefits and understanding my goals for the session. She made sure I was comfortable on the table before beginning and I was immediately so relaxed! Would definitely recommend her!"- Carly Jaquier (San Francisco, CA, April 2020)

"I've had the fortune to receive two in-person reiki healing sessions from Zaina (in the past). I've also recently had a distant tarot card reading done by Zaina. Reiki as a healing modality is new to me, yet it brings me so much relaxation. During each time, I rested on a massage table and did my best to relax. I then began to feel as though my energy was being cleared, renewed, and my stress was being relieved. I overall feel my energy becomes lighter after reiki. Zaina is calm and accommodating to one's preferences/needs. In addition, I also loved the distant tarot card reading that I received as I, like many others have had to postpone my current goals. I asked the question: In the midst of unpredictability, how can we move with confidence during this time? Zaina used the tarot to help me gain clarity on this concern. It brought me a more spiritual outlook towards what is happening right now. Such insight helps guide me in the right direction and I felt more content after listening to the video she sent me. I highly recommend Zaina's services to anyone looking for a holistic, intuitive approach to healing."- Kimberly Lewis ( San Francisco, CA, April 2020) 

"Zaina is an absolute delight and an incredible reiki practitioner. I truly appreciate the care, love, and time she puts into her session, and they leave me feeling entirely reinvigorated. I have recommended her to many - absolutely top notch!"- Caroline Fogel (Moraga, CA, April 2020) 


"During uncertain times, I tend to feel very uneasy and anxious. Zaina was able to be a huge mentor and healer to aid me through all this. At first I asked for tarot reading. I asked the question, "What sort of new awareness are we receiving from this pandemic?" In a timely manner, she responded the question with a video (social distancing). She explained each card thoroughly and giving much insightful words which allowed me to feel more confident and hopeful about our future. After having a positive experience with the tarot reading, I decided to receive a reiki session from Zaina as well. This was also done at a distance. She communicated via text how to prepare and asked for my intention. Due to recent events with loved ones, I was feeling conflicted and anxious and really needed a reset in my mind, body and soul. She then sent me relaxing music playlist to listen to while undergoing the therapy. She instructed me to lay down and meditate. I started the playlist, and within minutes I felt very relaxed. At one point I felt warm energy on my head and temples and fell asleep. As I awoke, Zaina sent me a message that the session was coming to a close. I was amazed what 30 minutes could accomplish. As I slowly get up, I notice the tension in my shoulders was gone, and my mind felt more clear and awake. Emotionally, I felt very relieved.  I'm so grateful I found Zaina as a therapist and will be coming back for a tune up. Integrative therapy is very essential during these times since they will address emotional problems rather than just the physical. I strongly recommend her services. She was very kind, considerate and focused during both interactions"- Nadia Solano (Calistoga, CA, April 2020) 

"Zaina Rose & I have been doing exchanges before the shelter-in-place, probably for about 6 months.She has an intuitive touch that zero's into areas that seem to need healing with a sensitive touch of warmth.I always have a very good experience with lasting results.Thank you Zaina."- Kathryn Ricci (San Francisco, CA, April 2020) 

"During this difficult time in our world, amidst a global pandemic, I have not been able to utilize many of the things that bring me comfort from stress and anxiety, such as walking leisurely around my city and meeting with close friends and family. Prior to hearing about Zaina's services, I had been eager to find something during our stay-at-home orders that would help relieve me of the tension caused from this world wide dilemma. I was so happy to have found Zaina and Reiki Love! It never occurred to me that reiki could be done long distance, but under Zaina's care, I found exactly what I needed. After contacting and speaking with Zaina, whom I found to be very professional and answered all of my questions, I booked a distant reiki session. Before the session started, Zaina asked me to focus on my intention, which was to relieve stress, tension, and anxiety. During the session, I became very relaxed and truly felt a healing energy start to envelop me. During the session, this energy grew stronger and by the end, my symptoms had been greatly eased. It was truly what I needed! I will definitely be booking another session with Reiki Love! I highly recommended Zaina."- Andy Cohen (Manhattan, New York, April 2020) 

"I was so grateful to get this distance reiki! It can be challenging to get healing during time of physical distancing and Zaina's energy was so calming to my mind and body. She also provided some lovely music for me to relax to while I received cool grounding energy that helped me feel at ease during a moment of stress. Really enjoyed this experience!"- Alex Gonzalez (Bronx, New York, April 2020) 

" Zaina is amazing! I have chronic back pain from mild scoliosis and when Zaina did a reiki session on me, I had major relief from my back pain. My back felt warm afterwards like I just got a massage but she didn't touch me, I had a distance reiki session in another state from her. Completely recommend to anyone! " - Paloma Ress (New Mexico, May 2020)

"Spirit to spirit connection. Zaina has a beautiful energy. In our session my intention was to reconnect with my dreams. Which I have been remembering more of my dreams ever since. Thank you for your light."- Mana Shams (San Francisco, CA, June 2020) 

"Zaina is a compassionate and intuitive healer. I've had the pleasure of receiving distant reiki and tarot sessions from her, her reiki sessions always leave me feeling rejuvenated and her tarot sessions provide so much inspiration and guidance. I highly recommend!" -Frankie Almeida (Richmond CA, June 2020) 

"I had a great experience working with Zaina for a seasonal tarot reading. She was communicative, direct and very thoughtful in how she read my spread-- even amidst a lot of personal shifting. It came a very needed time and i think other folx would definitely benefit from a reading during these uncertain times!" - Diana B. (Oregon, October 2020) 

"I had a tarot reading from Zaina and I gained so much clarity from it! I asked what my career would look like in 2021 and she gave me a response that resonated so deeply with me and it gave me a lot of guidance for the next steps in my career. She explained each card very clearly and thoroughly for me and the reading was spot on. She's also very sweet and has a great energy about her. I'd definitely would recommend getting a tarot reading or any other service from Zaina!" - Joselyn R. (Costa Rica, January 2021) 

"Zaina is amazing! I'd never had a tarot reading before, so I was unsure of what to expect, but Zaina made sure everything was super clear. I honestly can't believe I've never pursued readings before! Zaina has an extremely calming, healing energy that came through even through virtual mechanisms, and she is clearly extremely gifted. Everything she said resonated with me, and it gave me valuable insight, wisdom and guidance." - Meg Armstrong ( Pacifica CA, March 2021)